Monday, September 3, 2012

What Every New Orleanian Should Have At All Times

Hurricane Isaac has passed and we all have learned something. Personally I learned what will always be in my apartment from this moment on!!

1) A case of water bottles
2) A working flash light
3) Replacement batteries (the correct size!!)
4) Cans of tuna
5) Peanut butter and jelly
6) A new book
7) A book light
8) A spare prescription refill
9) A cooler
10) Board games
11) A deck of cards
12) A battery operated alarm clock!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

"As always, stay safe" - Saulet Management

Saturday, day four without power:

I come home after spending the night at a friend’s apartment (with air conditioning).  Still no power at Saulet.  The “security” gates are wide open to allow residents to enter and exit the garage, which is practically empty.  Very few people around.  It’s really hot and stuffy in my apartment, I take a cold shower and decide to go uptown to Tulane, where there’s electricity (air conditioning!), Internet and a food court. 

The power is still out at Saulet, but I stop by my apartment to change before the Tulane vs. Rutgers game.  I am shocked and terrified to discover that someone has been in my HOME!  And completely emptied my refrigerator and freezer!  All of my food:  apples, plums, salad dressings, condiments, AND MY ALCOHOL is gone!!  After six days of misery, I’ve reached the breaking point.  I finally cry. 

Apparently, Saulet management came into my apartment to check for storm damage.  In fairness, they sent an email on Thursday indicating that they’d be coming on Friday, reminding us to dispose of perishables and warning us not to allow anyone without a uniform into our homes.  The closing line: as always, please be safe.  Of course, I had removed all perishables by then.  I guess we have a different definition of perishable:  mine is based on items requiring refrigeration, theirs is obviously much broader.  An ice pack?!?!  Why would they take my ice pack?

After yet another cold shower, I go to the management office to discuss the situation. Maybe there’s news about when power will be restored?  Imagine my surprise: the Saulet office has electricity!  Phone service.  Internet.  AND air conditioning.  But no property manager.  If I wait around, I’ll just get more upset.  And I have to find a place to sleep tonight: I really don’t feel safe at The Saulet.  How ironic: I leave my luxury apartment complex and go to the Superdome.

SO disappointed in the Saulet.  I’m paying top dollar to live here. I thought it was worth it: a secure garage (the gates have been left open since the power went out, why can’t they hire a guard?), 24-hour emergency service (unless it’s 5am and you’ve just been released from the emergency room after a car accident, in which case you have to pay $100 to a locksmith) and accessible, responsive management (who raid your refrigerator, take your “perishables” and retreat to air-conditioned comfort).

For the first time in the five year period I have lived in New Orleans, I don't feel safe where I live.  Not only that, I feel violated.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Isaac update

Any NOLA people reading this, check out for awesome info on where to get gas/groceries/supplies, electrical outages, and updates from Landrieu's office.  Tulane's campus is also fully recovered with AC, Internet, and their food court.

Still no power in my area, but I continue to be impressed by the Mayor's team and Entergy's efforts.  It can't be easy having 700,000 people calling to complain about their power outages.

Tulane vs. Rutgers game still on for tonight (game @ 7, tailgate @ 4).  LSU still playing in Baton Rouge.  Zephyrs canceled the rest of their games for the season due to stadium damage.

Happy Labor Day Weekend in New Orleans!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Isaac - Friday

I guarantee that after this week, the name Isaac will no longer be on the top names list.

Still no power.  Traffic lights still broken.  More accidents happen every hour.  

Walmart opened today - so that was a good sign!  

Isaac - Friday

No gas stations are pumping. Going on day 3 without electricity. It's 85 degrees outside. I'm a little bitter.

Haha but somehow, all of the Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants are open. Too funny.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Isaac - Thursday

The bars are all open and the restaurants are closed.  Sounds like New Orleans!  

A couple trees are fallen an there are branches and leaves all over the place.  Fortunately, I'm yet to hear of any severe damage or personal injury.  A couple apartment buildings have power now, but the majority of residents are without.  

Isaac was an interesting experience, but I'm definitely ready to get back to a normal schedule!  Kirk, please stay away :).  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Isaac- Wednesday

Got a lovely voice mail from the Electric Company saying they won't restore power lines until the winds are below 30mph.  Makes sense.  The pictures and news casts I've seen show the worst damage to be over Mississippi, not Louisiana.  Still yet to hear of any injuries or damages in New Orleans. 

Happy hurrication everyone!